Elephone S9 will come with high Screen-to-Body ratio

by Dimitris Economou 1

Over the last couple of years, two terms are becoming quite popular in articles regarding smartphones: “Full-Screen” and “Screen-to-Body ratio”. That’s thanks to the fact that most manufacturers have moved to minimum or non-existent bezels and, as a result, screen takes up most of the space in the front panel of a device, creating the perfect immersive experience. Think about this, when you are taking pictures or playing games, there are almost no borders between the screen and reality, something that can get you immersed in it.

Elephone S9

That is the immersive experience that exists on the upcoming Elephone S9. The company has minimized the upper and lower bezels while designing the S9 to make the screen-to-body-ratio reach up to 89.9%. In fact, even just a 0.1% increase in the screen-to-body-ratio, is a difficult task, considering the manufacturing processes currently used. In addition, the flexible AMOLED screen and curved plate on S9 were designed for an ultimate immersive experience. The new flagship is expected to hit the market soon, so keep in touch with Elephone Twitter account to be among the first to know about it.