Blackview P6000: The thinnest unibody with a 6180mAh big battery

by Dimitris Economou 0

Big batteries in phones were rare in previous years but right now they are quite common as we can see many in the current market. The thing is that they usually are bulky, heavy and they tend to become even bulkier and heavier as battery capacity increases. And a fat and heavy phone can never be satisfactory.

Blackview P6000

This all comes to an end with the Blackview P6000, the latest battery phone from the company. It sports a big 6180mAh battery which promises up to 960 hours of standby and 45 hours of calling, and with the 12/2A quick charger, it can be refilled in just 108 minutes. And regardless of the big battery, it still can manage to retain a thin body, under 10mm. In fact, it’s just 9.8mm thick.

In addition, another surprise comes from the dual-chip charging design: the voltage in lithium batteries is limited to 3.7V, as a higher charging current will bring a higher heating phenomenon. In order to avoid this problem, P6000 introduces dual-chip charging technology, so it can provide the maximum charging current. The 2 chips share the current so it charges faster but at the same time temperature remains at acceptable levels. Safety and faster charging achieved.

Blackview P6000

From December 28 to January 4th, the P6000 will go on an exclusive global presale on Aliexpress where you can grab one for merely $249.99.

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