Elephone S9 will feature an expensive, eye-protecting AMOLED display

by Dimitris Economou 0

Undoubtedly, AMOLED is the future of display technology and that can be concluded by the fact that besides most manufacturers adopting AMOLED displays, even Apple equipped the iPhone X with such a display. The same goes for smaller Chinese manufacturers too like Elephone that a lot of thought was put into whether the Elephone S9 should or shouldn’t come with an AMOLED display.

Elephone S9

Thankfully, the design and engineering team decided to put such a display in the S9 and that brings many advantages to the next Elephone flagship. As we all know, the phone screen can emit blue light which can cause visual fatigue, even threaten eye health. And although an AMOLED panel is more expensive than common LCD ones, it’s thin, it can save power, and increases the color gamut. Also, it can reduce the blue light emission and protect your eyes.

So, Elephone killed two birds with one stone by picking an AMOLED panel: Better color reproduction and eye protection. To learn more about Elephone and upcoming devices, follow them on Twitter and visit their website.