MGCOOL Explorer 3 vs Xiaomi Yi 4K: What’s the difference?

by Dimitris Economou 3

Gone are days where you used to handle bulky digital cameras and DSLRs. The launch of several budget-friendly action cameras has created fissures in the conventional digital camera segment. The 4K-enabled action cameras are manufactured in such a way to allow for shooting high-resolution images and videos. Moreover, they are compact, lightweight and can be handled easily under any adverse scenario. Explorer 3 is the latest action camera from MGCOOL with advanced features such as a touchscreen. The Xiaomi Yi 4K is one of the leaders in the market with good quality and plenty of new features. Let’s see a brief comparison of specs between those two.



The big difference between MGCOOL Explorer 3 and Yi 4K is the price. You can buy Explorer 3 for just $99.99 on Gearbest. On the other hand, you’ll need to shell out $199.99 to buy the Yi 4K. You should note that the MGCOOL Explorer 3 comes with 170-degree wide angle sensor, while the Yi 4K ships with only 155-degree wide angle lens. Moreover, MGCOOL has embedded drawing technology in Explorer 3 outer shell for better design and grip.

MGCOOL Explorer 3



MGCOOL Explorer 3 is equipped with a 2″ touch display, which helps you to go through the menu options easily. The Xiaomi Yi 4K camera features a larger, 2.19″ touch display with higher resolution (640×360 pixels).



While MGCOOL Explorer 3 is equipped with an iCatch V50 processor, the YI 4K runs on Ambarella A9SE. Designed using 28nm manufacturing process, the YI 4K includes an improved cooling mechanism for trouble-free recording during extended shooting.

As for the sensors used, the Explorer 3 comes with a Panasonic 34112 sensor with 7G Sharp lens. that captures images up to 14MP. However, the Yi 4K includes a Sony IMX377 sensor capable of capturing up to 12MP photos. So, bigger resolution images for the Explorer, although higher resolution doesn’t always mean better photos.

In the video recording department, YI 4K can shoot 4K videos @30fps but it only provides a 155-degree wide angle sensor. However, the Explorer 3 can shoot 4K videos at 30fps with support for 170-degree wide angle technology, which enables you to capture wide images. Moreover, you can shoot FHD and HD videos at 60fps and 120fps respectively.

MGCOOL Explorer 3



The Explorer 3 is powered by a 1100mAh battery with the capability to shoot 4K videos at 30fps for 75 minutes. You can also shoot FHD videos at 60fps for about 120 minutes. It is possible to charge it in less than two hours using the 5V/1A charger. The Yi 4K includes a 1400mAh battery, which enables you to shoot 4K videos at 30fps for a period of 110 minutes, which is higher than the Explorer 3.


Advanced functions

MGCOOL Explorer 3 is water-resistant up to 30m and also provides support for native 4K at 30fps recording, EIS, dual-channel stereo audio, gyroscope, self-timer, slow motion including car mode. The Yi 4K also provides support for Lens Distortion Correction (LDC), Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, timer and slow motion. The car mode in the Explorer 3 helps you to shoot road while driving without causing any disturbance. The integration of drawing technology is a big bonus since it provides adequate grip during usage.

MGCOOL Explorer 3



The MGCOOL Explorer 3 will be useful for users who carve to work with all the latest features at a budget price. You can experience premium 4K photography with the Explorer 3 for under $99.99. Even though the Yi 4K ships with better display and battery, the additional cost of around $100 doesn’t make sense. The 2″ touch display is sufficient for normal operations and the improved battery will not be a big deal since you can charge the Explorer 3 quickly using the bundled cable. Both models have their pros and cons but $100 more is too much for the advantages of Yi over Explorer 3. You can check out all the details about Explorer 3 on the official product page. Also, it currently is on flash sale on Gearbest for just $99.99.

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