Vernee X: the experience of 6GB RAM and long battery performance (video)

by Dimitris Economou 1

The Vernee X is on presale for quite some time now on Gearbest and Vernee’s official website and users who have placed their order are a bit concerned about performance and power consumption since it’s a new model and sometimes new models come with unexpected bugs. So, the Chinese manufacturer uploaded a video demonstrating those two factors. Let’s check it out.

In the video, you can see that multiple apps are running at the same time. Even when opening 50 apps at the same time, Vernee X is still running very smoothly. Not only because it sports 6GB of RAM, but because of the powerful Helio P23 SoC in conjunction with the Android 7.1-based VOS. Vernee X won’t have any pause in the daily use, it’s just fast and smooth. Also, after running a variety of apps, opening many apps at the same time, and playing many games on Vernee X for 5 hours, the battery dropped only 35%, which is a very good power consumption.

Vernee X

The Vernee X can last for 2.5 days of normal use or 65 hours of continuous calling. Also, by turning on the VOS super power saving mode, the phone will manage and optimize the power consumption automatically by limiting the background processes and reducing the wake-up times of the apps. On Super Power-Saving mode, the vernee X can support 4 days of use or 76 days of standby. In addition, it comes with a 9V/2A fast charging technology and dual battery protection design for safe charging. Charging for 5 minutes can give you 2 hours of calling and charging for 30 minutes allows for a 1-day use while it takes just 150 minutes to reach 100%.

Vernee X

The Vernee X is on presale at Gearbest with a $30 off discount, at only $249.99. You can get it here.

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