Leagoo claims to be a faithful defender of genuine battery labels

by Dimitris Economou 1

Nowadays, battery life is getting increasingly important in our daily use of smartphones and thus many users tend to purchase “long battery life” phones as to enjoy their phones longer without worrying about running out of juice. But how could anyone pick such a device in the first place? The important factor is the battery capacity that is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). So, a device with a 1900mAh battery can supply 1900mA of current to a circuit for one hour. Consequently, it can supply 380mA for 5 hours, 190mA of current for 10 hours, and so on. Unfortunately, many manufacturers tend to exaggerate about their battery capacities. For example, a phone featuring only a 2915mAh battery may have a battery label of 3500mAh or even 5000mAh!

Leagoo battery

Misleading advertising or fake labels are quite common among today’s mobile phone batteries. After all, the so-called “Long Battery Life” claimed by smartphone manufacturers are simply sticky labels with certain numbers printed on it. Due to commercial motivations, battery “mAh” is always modified or exaggerated by many manufacturers, especially by small phone companies. When customers are misled by “fake labels” and purchased these “long battery life” phones, what awaits them are just trouble and complaints. This is why fake battery labels become an increased threat in today’s smartphone purchase.

Leagoo battery

Leagoo, as the leading Asian export mobile phone brand, always believed that battery labels should be in full compliance with real battery performance. This is also the manifestation of the company’s business strategy: always put customers in the first place and cherish brand values.

Leagoo battery

In the future, LEAGOO will continue to provide good quality phones with reasonable price. And more importantly, as the faithful defender of genuine battery labels, they will never use fake battery advertising on a single smartphone! If you want to grab a big battery phone with real battery label, try the LEAGOO KIICAA Power that comes with 4000mAh battery and is on offer at Aliexpress.