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Leagoo S9 to feature under-display fingerprint sensor? (rumors)

by Dimitris Economou 4

Rumors about the next Leagoo flagship -Leagoo S9- have been in the news for quite some time now with controversial information. At first, it was said that it will sport a curved full-vision display with 18:9 aspect ratio in the likes of Galaxy S8 and other models. Later on, it was revealed that it will probably feature an iPhone X-like design with minimum bezels all around and a notch on the top. This rumor is probably legit, as Leagoo has already set up a discussion page about the S9 and the iPhone X-like design is sitting right there.

Leagoo S9

Today, a new rumor comes to excite users as on the discussion page there are several specs that the S9 could feature. And if Face ID and an OLED display have good chances to make it to the final product, there is another one that was supposed to exist on iPhone X this year but wasn’t ready for mass production. We are talking about an under-display fingerprint sensor. The latest news from that front say that Qualcomm has achieved a good-performing sensor that can be placed under the display and Vivo will be the first to use it on their devices.

It looks like other manufacturers are keen to use it too and if timing is good, the Leagoo S9 could come with one too. But we’ll have to wait until the final specs surface. To participate in the discussion about Leagoo S9, visit the discussion page.

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  • Barry Scott

    I will never understand why these smaller brands insist on copying designs etc, they never pull it off successfully & just tarnish the brand permanently, they should just concentrate on making a semi decent phone that actually works & does what its supposed to do rather than making a Dollar store Iphone X

    • Assefa Hanson

      Smaller brands do pull it off more than you think even elephone for example

      • Barry Scott

        i’ll give elephone their fair do’s, they seem to have turned the brand around, not so long ago they were regarded as the biggest joke of a brand on websites like Gizchina/gizmochina etc but recently im not seeing so much hate for them

  • Billy Williams

    Qualcomm has had the technology available since last year for their chipset. There hasn’t been a manufacturer of the technology yet until this year with Synaptix. They licensed the technology to Vivo first, so we should see it in Vivo/Oppo/OnePlus phones first. just clarifying.