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Who Are Sourcing Agents And What Do They Do?

by Linus 0

Sourcing agents provide services to employers or companies to locate supplies and services at the best prices possible. In short, they help you find what you need without you having to search as they are well aware of suppliers and can help you find the right product at the right price.

However, finding suppliers and services isn’t the only thing that sourcing agents are known to do, they do a number of other tasks as well including translations, documentation and shipping, quality control, buying goods etc.

Let’s find out more about sourcing agents and why you may need one.

How Do Sourcing Agents Find Reliable Suppliers For Their Employer?

Experienced sourcing agents are known to have strong relations with many domestic companies, therefore, they are well aware of where to find the right supplier for their employer or company.

It should also be mentioned that a number of sourcing agents work as freelancers, and have their own offices. For example, you may be running a business in the US, but if you need a product made in China, you can just find a sourcing agent in China and order what you need.

The person will do the research and take care of everything so that you can get the product that you need.

Things Sourcing Agents Can Do

  • Negotiate On A Company Or Employer’s Behalf: Many employers or even companies look for ways to buy services or goods at a good price, however, they’re unable to do this due to lack of a time or experience. Here’s where sourcing agents can be of help. They have the right skills and experience to negotiate a deal with the supplier and even get discounts for their clients.
  • Oversea Sourcing: Mostly, sourcing agents deal in overseas procurement jobs. They work for companies who are not local and handle things for them including import/export, taxation etc.

This saves money and time for companies as these sourcing agents work the best possible deal for them.

They also do the research first, depending on what kind of supplier or goods the client wants. This saves companies from spending a lot of time conducting research as sourcing agents do it for them.

However, there are top notch sourcing agents as well who seldom need to do any research because they are well aware of all the ins and outs of this business. They have ties to some of the most successful companies and the experience to find the best deal for their clients.

  • Act As A Translator And Finalize A Deal: It can be daunting for a company to do business with a foreign company or a supplier because of the language barrier. Sources agents can aid in that too as most of the sourcing agents are local and they act as a translation bridge between two bodies. This save companies from a lot of hassle and also make it easier for them to do overseas business with utmost ease. 
  • Reduce Expenses Of A Company: It can cost a company a lot of money to send representatives to a foreign country and buy goods for them. Here’s where sourcing agents come in handy. They are familiar with the right prices and manufacturers in the market, therefore, they help save money.


Sourcing agents are resourceful when it comes to closing deals with suppliers and for that they charge a small percentage of the deal.

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