Leagoo opens its first overseas Service Center in Europe and Russia

by Dimitris Economou 0

For smartphone users, quick and responsive customer service is among the top concerns before purchase. After all, no matter how advanced your smartphone is, if it needs service, it needs service. The problem is that most Chinese manufacturers are selling their devices abroad but their service centers are in China. This is a deterrent factor as if something happens to your device and you must send it to be repaired, you will have to spend an unbelievably long time until your device reaches its destination, not to mention the shipping cost.

Leagoo Service

For that reason, Leagoo recently established an official customer service center in Europe (Poland) and Russia, providing local service to the company’s European and Russian customers. The company claims that a broken smartphone can be fixed within 3 working days upon receipt, which is good news for EU and Russian residents. What’s more, with only purchase proofs and warranty certificates, Leagoo users can enjoy local customer service totally free! The warranty duration for the European market is 2 years while the Russian market has a standard 1-year warranty.

Leagoo Service

All these moves show that Leagoo’s European and Russian customer service centers are just the first step of the company’s “New Customer Service Plan”. It is estimated that they will continue to set up customer service centers all around their sales area and bring convenience to every customer in the near future. More information is available here.

If you want to try a Leagoo device, you can find the most recent devices on sale right now. Leagoo S8 is available on Banggood and KIICAA MIX on Gearbest. Also, on Aliexpress you can find the M9 and T5c.


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