Elephone S9 will come with RGB/Mono camera sensor combination for good low-light photos

by Dimitris Economou 1

In the dual-camera era that we live in as far as the smartphone market is concerned, there are three philosophies followed by manufacturers. The first is the one that Apple has adopted with one wide-angle lens to fit even into the frame and one tele lens that doubles the focal length to offer 2x zoom. The second comes from LG that uses a wide and a super-wide lens to fit even more info and the third comes from Huawei that uses an RGB sensor accompanied by a Mono sensor to offer more accurate colors and better results in low-light conditions.

Elephone S9

The last solution is the one used in the upcoming Elephone S9. How many times have users wondered what can they do to shoot better photos at night or in low-light conditions? That shouldn’t be a problem anymore as Elephone the RGB/Mono combination used in the S9 takes care of that by letting more light into the sensor and taking clear photos at night without noise. Also, the company has partnered with ArcSoft to improve the camera algorithms, maybe the most important part of a camera besides the sensor. To keep up to date with Elephone and its new devices, you can follow them on Twitter.

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