With the dodocool Dual Fast Car Charger you can charge on the go in no time

by Dimitris Economou 0

Being a significant part of our daily routine and sometimes an important tool for our job, our smartphone has evolved into the extension of our hand. The same goes for tablets in some cases. But things start to become difficult towards the end of the day as batteries in electronic devices are their weak spot. So a car charger is always handy when you are on the move and are running out of battery.


The dodocool car charger is compact, minimizing the size for added portability. It is one of the smallest car chargers on the market and it can charge two devices at the highest possible speed simultaneously and it features a dual-port design. Two USB Type-A ports that can output 2.4A each are capable of enabling the fast charging capabilities of your device. Also, it is smart, as it delivers the optimal charging current for your USB-C device. What’s more, it sports an LED light that indicates power connection.


And it’s extremely affordable too as it sells for just $7.99 on the US Amazon store. It is also available on Amazon Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy, and Mexico. Also, you can see the full details of the charger here. For more information on dodocool, visit their FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts.