Cubot deals for the upcoming Valentine’s Day on Aliexpress

by Dimitris Economou 0

As we all know, China’s domestic calendar is a bit different from the rest of the world, so their 2018 New Year is on February 16th this year. Yes, that is pretty close to Valentine’s Day that is just 2 days before that. So it is going to be a busy spring festival and for that reason, Cubot is planning to begin its Valentine’s Day promotion much sooner.

Cubot deals

So, from Jan8th to January 12th the company has available its Top 5 products on offer over at Aliexpress. We are talking about Cubot Magic, Cubot R9, the top-selling Cubot X18, the big Cubot Dinosaur, and budget device Cubot H3. Starting the discount event so early means that you will have received your order in time for Valentine’s Day with no delay at all. To see all the available devices and their discounted prices, you can visit the promotion page here. Together with your device, you will receive a free protective case. Just follow the instructions provided.