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Homtom S12 may be the most affordable 18:9 display smartphone of 2018

by Dimitris Economou 0

Homtom just released its first smartphone for 2018 and it’s called Homtom S12. It is a 18:9 aspect ratio, full-display device, so what makes it stand out from the dozens of similar devices out there? Well, besides its beautiful design, it is the most affordable device with such characteristics out there. It costs just $55.99 on the first global launch!

Homtom S12

HOMTOM S12 adopts different color schemes, and each shows a quite different style. Black battery cover matched with the red frame shows calmness and passion, while black cover plus blue frame shows steady and modesty. The blue cover with the black frame expresses optimism and extroversion while the white cover with the bright green frame emits a sense of youth and cleanness. Besides, Homtom S12 features a 5″ display, a common and suitable size for the most and the 2.5D screen provides a better visual effect, making the image on the display more stereoscopic!

Homtom S12

Although HOMTOM S12 only houses a 2750mAh battery to help store enough power for the daily use, combined with the energy-saving software it will get you through the day easily. To learn more about the S12 visit the company’s official page. Also, to get informed on new deals and discount, you can follow their Facebook Page.

Homtom S12

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