Oukitel K10 goes through power consumption test for its 11000mAh battery (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Oukitel announced its high-end flagship battery smartphone Oukitel K10 with 11000mAh battery a while back and as a new year starts and Chinese Spring Festival is coming, it is about to hit the market this month. With larger battery, faster charger, upgraded processor and new operating system, how long will K10 last with the 11000mAh battery? Below you can watch the endurance test it went through.

In the video, the device is set to maximum brightness and volume and then plays the “Breaking Bad” series continuously online with wifi on. After 1 our video playing, it has consumed just 1% of power. Since its battery is so large, the company decided to check the battery endurance after several continuous hours of use. After 4 hours online video streaming, K10 gets 86% power, 7 hours later, there was 70% power left, 17 hours later, it finally reaches 15% of battery left. The company has optimized the system so that even with 15% of battery left, you’ll only worry about running out of battery after many hours. Lastly, the device reached 6% of power left after 20 hours of video playback while from 6% to 1%, K10 still supports 1 hour of online video playback.

Oukitel K10

In addition, this test was conducted with maximum brightness and as we all know, the display is the most power-hungry component of a smartphone. So, if you reduce brightness, you’ll get even longer battery performance! You will be surprised by how long this battery can last. To support the huge battery, Oukitel added a fast 5V/5A flash charger. After optimizing in final software, you will be able to fully charge 11000mAh battery in 2 hours 15 minutes. Just 2 hours and 15 minutes of charging for several days of use. Great, isn’t it?

Oukitel K10

OUKITEL K10 will hit the market soon this month. To find out more interesting stuff about the K10, visit the official product page.

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