A first look at the Elephone U and its curved screen (video)

by Dimitris Economou 6

It is already known that the upcoming Elephone U and U Pro are coming with AMOLED panels that are curved as well, in the likes of Samsung Galaxy Series. Today, the company uploaded a video on their official Youtube channel demonstrating the curved display on a real Elephone U. As you can see, the icons become distorted when reaching the side borders, thanks to the curved edges of the display.

Elephone is very confident about their new curved display and, of course, it has to have something extra added to it so that it can be useful besides beautiful. So, there is a software team that is in charge of a sidebar on the edge area of the display for starting apps quickly. It is practically an app launcher and we hope that they will manage to add more useful functions to it as it approaches the production date. More information can be found of their official website and Twitter account.

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