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Wieppo Rhythm 3D In-Ear headphones are born for Audiophiles on a budget

by Dimitris Economou 0

Since the big bang of the Chinese industry, especially in the technology area, devices and accessories that were until then hard for the mass consumer audience to buy, as they were pretty expensive. Well, all that is a thing of the past, since nowadays, above average products are widely available to a broad audience and at great prices too. Just like the Wieppo Rhythm 3D In-Ear headphones.

Wieppo Rhythm 3D

As the flagship for Wieppo, the Rhythm 3D meets the strictest standards in headphone acoustics. It features a high-horsepower woofer & tweeter that produce 96±3dB @ 1kHz input 1mW, and the frequency response is between 20Hz – 20KHz, about the limit of human hearing. The headset features two 11mm dynamic drivers and two 6mm balanced armatures in patented straight array technology work in tandem. Also, they are made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum alloy and the unique stainless full metal earbud construction is crafted by CNC.

Wieppo Rhythm 3D

The Rhythm 3D is compatible with both Android and iOS. The full details about it can be found on the product page. Also, it is available on Aliexpress for just $32.39.

Wieppo Rhythm 3D

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