Elephone U: Meet the invisible navigation bar of the upcoming flagship (video)

by Dimitris Economou 2

Android was introduced after Apple presented the iPhone and iPhone OS (now known as iOS) but has managed to climb on top of the smartphone market share thanks mainly to its availability in all market segments. But most importantly because it is an open source OS that provides users the freedom to literally do whatever they want. Customization is part of that freedom and there are infinite home screen customizations out there. Even manufacturers take advantage of that freedom by presenting their own customizations.

The upcoming Elephone U comes with a custom navigation bar that let’s the user choose according to his liking. It can be visible or invisible, depending if it’s active or not. When the navigation bar is invisible, by sliding up from the left, middle, or right bottom side of the phone you can activate it in order to interact with it. By sliding from bottom left or right, you can switch back to the last page you used or use multi-tasking and by sliding from bottom middle you can retun to the homescreen. Also, the software department of the company have designed several icon styles for you in case you want to customize the navigation bar. Learn more from Elephone on Twitter and their official website.