Elephone U and U Pro: More than a communication tool

by Dimitris Economou 6

There are two types of drivers. Those who consider their car to be just a means of transportation and those who are emotionally bonded to it. The same goes for smartphones too. Some people consider them to be just communication tools. Elephone wants to change that prevalent cliche. They’re not just tools!

Elephone U Pro

A lot is going on behind the scenes, where smartphones are developed. Especially the design team is one of the most important teams during that process as a smartphone can be an artwork that brightens up your life. Just like the Elephone U and U Pro that are extremely thin. A large battery doesn’t necessarily mean a thick phone. The frames of both U and U Pro consist of an aluminum alloy. The frame on the U uses a frosted material while the U Pro provides a more polished texture that shines like a diamond. Each frame portrays a different style, but both are made to provide noble minimalism.

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