NOMU Fidget AR Fitness Gamepad lets you kill pressure in a flash (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Speaking of decompression, you might think of doing lots of vigorous exercises, hard meditation or costly overseas trips. But these are either tiring, boring or expensive. Today, NOMU introduced a decompression masterpiece, the NOMU Fidget AR Fitness Gamepad, one that relieves your pressure in a flash while having fun.

Nomu Fidget Gamepad

Fidget AR Fitness Gamepad involves decompression, fitness, socializing and gaming. All you need to do is play games. So what is exactly the difference from a common gamepad:

1. The games are all fitness games which conform to ergonomic principles, in which the player can effectively relieve spinal stiffness with effortless partial body movement.

2. The games all come with fascinating AR scenes that let the player immerse in a strong visual impact and get rid of the pressure.

3. The gamepad comes with a folding design. The whole device is as small as a palm, which can easily fit into a briefcase or even your pocket. So the playing location is not limited to your home, you can play anywhere, anytime.

It’s worth mentioning that the various fitness games can be downloaded through the NOMU-developed app called Xiao C. More importantly, all apps support exercise data like steps and calorie consumption during game-playing as they can be recorded by it.

Portable but functional, decompression in fun, Fidget AR Fitness Gamepad is going to change the way of stress relief. For people suffering neckache or shoulder pain, it could be the quickest and easiest curing method. Stay tuned for more information about Fidget AR Fitness Gamepad.

Nomu Fidget Gamepad

Fidget AR Fitness Gamepad main specs

Functions: Relieve spinal pain, decompression, fitness, socializing, gaming
Bluetooth: Bluetooth V4.1
Power: Power supply range 1.6V~3.6V
Battery: 2*AAA battery (cylinder-shaped type 43.6*10.1mm)
Supported device: Smartphone with iOS 9.0 and above, or Gyro-supported smartphone with Android 4.4 and above and with Bluetooth 4.0 and above
Supported phone size: 4″~5.5″ smartphone (18:9 screen ≤ 6″)
Xiao C: Support recording and ranking body data, amount of exercise like steps and calorie consumption, etc; support sharing them to the social networks

For more information on Fidget AR Fitness Gamepad, please go to the official product page. Also, it is already available for purchase on eBay with a 20% off discount.