The dual-screen flip smartphone Vkworld T2 Plus is ready for pre-order! (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

The Vkworld T2 Plus was initially announced last summer but it never really hit the market properly and the company decided to make a premium edition out of and it finally is open for sale. It is the most expensive Vkworld phone ever. With the T2 Plus, Vkworld wants to conquer the middle-to-high-end market as well as the business market and flip phone lovers.

The whole design is very low-key and steady. Vkworld has spent a lot of time handling every detail of this phone so the frame is made of metal and fabric materials. The back cover is made of 100% real leather with each back cover having its own different pattern. Also, the physical keyboard can provide much better typing experience than a virtual keyboard.

Vkworld T2 Plus

The flip design allows for a dual screen, so it sports 4.2″ IPS display on both inside and outside panel. Both have the same HD resolution (1280×768) and besides the touch display, you can use the physical keyboard to move around. What’s more, it has some nice specs too as it carries the MT6737 quad-core SoC together with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage and Android 7. The 2000mAh high-density battery can provide long battery life and it is removable so you can buy a spare one for back up. The Vkworld T2 Plus is now available for just $259.99 on the Vkworld Official Store on Aliexpress instead of the $299.99 retail price.

Vkworld T2 Plus

Meanwhile, other vkworld mobile phones like the 5500mAh S8 with face unlock for only $169.99 and bezel-less vkworld Mix for just $85.99 are also on promotion. Visit the official store to see them as well as more models on discount. For more information, got to their website.