With the Koogeek A1 Environment Monitor you can reliably check your environment

by Dimitris Economou 0

Now that technology has advanced to levels never before imagined, all sorts of devices that were previously accessible to scientific projects and such are now available as mass consuming products. This allows practically everyone able to control and study things that were previously difficult or impossible to.

Koogeek A1

Take the koogeek A1 Environment Monitor for example. Until some years ago, controlling your home’s environment was something we used to think was unnecessary. But with the increasing air pollution, even the inside of our house is affected. Firstly, the biggest problem is humidity. High levels of humidity are bad for health and make warming the house more difficult and expensive. With the A1 you can check real-time humidity levels and take action, maybe turn on your dehumidifier.

Koogeek A1

Another health aggravating factor is dust. Most of the dust in our home comes from our own bodies but there’s also dust coming from the outside, resulting in many allergies that could have been prevented if there was some kind of dust level monitor. Well, the Koogeek A1 is capable of informing you about dust levels with the built-in PM.25 sensor. In addition, you can check out the temperature as well as noise level and light intensity. Of course, you can check all these reading via your smartphone that connects to the A1. you can see more details on the product page.