NOMU will unveil the world’s 1st Android 8.1 Oreo rugged S50 Series in MWC ’18 (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

In the coming Mobile World Congress on February 26th, NOMU will unveil the world’s first much-anticipated Android 8.1 Oreo rugged phone series, NOMU S50. It’s a major breakthrough for NOMU as most phones on the market right now are waiting for an update to Android 8.0. And the debut of NOMU S50 series will indicate that the rugged phone industry enters the Android 8.1 Oreo era for a faster, smarter, and more advanced technology.

Nomu S50

But what does Android 8.1 on NOMU S50 offers more compared to the previous Android 7.1 and devices? Let’s take a brief look.

  1. Lightning speed. Lags of Android OS have always been a concern for many Android phone users. Android 8.1 is “twice as fast as the previous generation”. The lightning boot speed and data processing speed will amaze you.
  2. More user-friendly UI. It adds easy-to-use and flexible split-screen mode, adaptive display size, quick access setup, and transposable icons in the notifications bar. Besides, “off” and “reset” buttons are located in thumb distance that eases the single hand operation.
  3. Smarter management. More humanized functions like automatic information filling, intelligent text selection, introduction of notification dots to app icons.
  4. Safer Browsing. It allows Apps to detect WebView attempts, which could point to malicious URLs, so as to avoid hidden security threat for the system.
  5. Other interesting features. It brings more emojis and funky App icons, etc. For more features of Android 8.1 Oreo, please click the video below.

Besides Android 8.1 Oreo, another highlight of NOMU S50 series is the adoption of an 18:9 display. In 2017, most phone brands launched phones with 18:9 display, but there are rare examples in the rugged phone industry. The 18:9 display is expected to make S50 series win many users’ appreciation.

Last but not least, the S50 series has an improvement in design and configuration as it combines metal and soft rubber to create a more exquisite design and the configuration is enhanced to meet your demanding needs. If you are interested in NOMU S50 series then don’t forget that you can check them at booth No.5H40 of MWC in Barcelona. The current models of the company are available on the company’s official website.