The Elephone U Pro Face Unlock is super fast (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

If you had to choose between a device with Face Unlock and one without, which would you choose? The vast majority of users would definitely choose the former. Especially when the Face Unlock is super fast like the one found in the new Elephone U Pro.

Elephone U Pro’s face unlock is convenient and easy to access, which is the high standard right now for Android face unlocking. The phone unlocks in just 0.08 seconds, which is among the fastest in the industry right now. What’s more, it also works in different lighting conditions. Even in dark environments, face unlock is available. Furthermore, the system used makes sure that a real person is looking at the front camera and can’t be tricked by a photo like on other devices. During tests conducted by the company in developing, it was impossible to trick the system with a photo.

Elephone U Pro

The Elephone U and U Pro are on the market for a while now and they are the best devices from Elephone to date. To learn more about the top model, U Pro, visit the product page here. You can buy it on Gearbest.

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