Elephone U and U Pro UI combines pure Android with custom elements

by Dimitris Economou 0

According to a market research conducted by Elephone, most users are more receptive to the original Android system, while some users like the new UI interaction on the company’s devices. In response to these results, the software engineering team took more than 3 months to optimize the UI interaction on Elephone U and U Pro. Keeping the simplicity of pure Android and at the same time adding small touches to optimize the UI design even more.

Elephone U Pro design

As seen in the UI screenshots, the U Series retain a simple style. Based on Android 8.0 Oreo, the overall style is simple, from weather to themes, wallpapers and the slide-down bar, little changes are made:

1. In the weather interface, which is simple and clear, users can quickly locate the current location for weather information. Also, it supports automatic weather update and multi-city weather switch.

Elephone UI design

2. Theme change: the new UI design has four unique themes for you to choose. System theme, with strong color, simple icons with angular lines, allowing you to experience vitality. Pink theme with soft color and sleek lines, giving you a stylish feeling. Light theme, that symbolizes Elephone’s design philosophy aiming to bringing an almost perfect visual experience to you. Lastly, the Youth theme is special and powerful, a color of youth.

Elephone UI design

3. The new Elephone wallpaper series focuses on the light lines and color. Line design makes user immersed in the technology world, while the soft halo effect can bring a relaxing atmosphere.

Elephone UI design

4. The drop-down bar design with white background and dark gray icon button is soft and smooth. At the same time, the icon text size and animations are adjusted to allow users feel more comfortable when interacting with the UI. In addition, in terms of software design, Elephone constantly optimizes Face Unlock and Sidebar features.

Elephone UI design

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