Elephone experiments with wood and glass for a new device

by Dimitris Economou 0

It seems that smartphone manufacturers and their design studios have run out of inspiration the last 3-4 years. After the launch of iPhone 6, most manufacturers copied that design and almost all companies released similarly looking models. The same thing happened with the 1st gen of Xiaomi Mix and now we are back to the iPhone X and its notch display.

Elephone wood and glass


Apart from the design, materials play an important role on how a device looks and feels. Back in November, there were information about an upcoming Elephone device featuring a wooden back panel. But since then, no more news were available. Today, a new photo of such a device emerged and seems like a combination of wood and metal which would be very interesting. Wood grain and glass combines classic with modern and is something we would surely like to see on a smartphone. Besides, there are many 3d-party case manufacturers that offer wooden cases and that is an indication of the popularity such a device would feature. Find out more about Elephone on their official website.