Use Koogeek Smart Door and Window sensor to secure your home

by Dimitris Economou 0

Being safe in your home was taken for granted several years ago (unless you were rich) but, unfortunately, this has changed the last few years. With global criminality has raised significantly, taking measures to protect your family is the least you can go. Here is where technology steps in, as with very few money compared to the past, you can have real-time notifications if someone tries to break in.

Kogeek Smart Sensor

This is exactly what the Koogeek Smart Door and Window sensors do. All you have to do is install one on every door and window and name them respectively. Then, you can monitor their status on your smartphone and check whether they are secure on not. Installation is a piece of cake with the adhesive embedded on the sensor and battery life is not a problem since a common flat battery is used and you can easily change it.

Kogeek Smart Sensor

The Koogeek Smart Door and Window sensor will be soon available on the market. To see more details, check out the product page.