Vernee M6 18:9 display upgrade of M5 exposed (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Recently, we got information from the MWC 2018 about Vernee’s new model, which will be named as Vernee M6. It should be the updated version of the M5 and will sport an 18:9 aspect ratio all-screen front panel. Meanwhile, on their official website, we can see the introductory video of M6.

As you can see in the photo, the Vernee M6 has a bigger screen than the 5″ 16:9 screen on the M5 and it will be equipped with an 18:9 all-screen display, so it has a very high screen/body ratio. On the top of the phone there is the front camera, the earpiece and the sensor.

Vernee M6

On the other hand, the back is still using the three-stage design that very simple and beautiful and the symmetrical design of the camera module and fingerprint sensor looks delicate.

Vernee M6

Up to now, there’s not much information about the rest of the specs but according to the product positioning of its predecessor, Vernee M6 will carry respectable specs. It is safe to assume that the M6 will be among the most cost-effective all-screen smartphones.