The Nomu M6 is this year’s thinnest and most stylish rugged smartphone

by Dimitris Economou 0

Mobile phone addiction is a big problem nowadays and most people are ruining their health because of staying up late staring at their device, damaging their eyes because of long exposure to harmful display light. Some try to reduce the use time but addictions are always difficult to get rid of. Nomu thinks that it’s not your fault. They blame your device as being the wrong one and below are some points from the company that support how the new Nomu M6 advocates a healthy lifestyle and encourages people to go out.

Nomu M6

Owning an M6 is equal to owning a healthy lifestyle

Rugged phones are becoming more and more popular among users and have become a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts because of the superior quality and outdoor features. Nomu M6 is an IP68 and MIL-STD-810G certified rugged phone. Feel free to take it to do whatever outdoor sports you like. The 8MP Sony camera gives you an enjoyable photography experience. Besides, It has GPS+GLONASS double-satellite positioning systems so you won’t get lost even in a deserted place.

Nomu M6

M6 is a rugged phone for both men and women

Until now, rugged smartphones were rough and heavy. However, the M6 brings a brand-new look: ultra slim body and charming appearance. It comes with a thin body of only 10mm thickness while the materials used are different from heavy metal and rubber: it adopts exquisite mirror-like material, creating a charming appearance which wins the love from women. Interestingly, the bright cover can serve as a mirror for women.

Nomu M6

M6 is good for Businessmen

High-intensity work and high pressure demands more from businessmen, especially physically. Outdoor exercise is the best cure for businessmen as Nomu M6 is a perfect outdoor phone with great design. Also, the IP68 waterproof certification frees their worry to challenge any outdoor exercise. Finally, it comes with mid-range configuration and has OTG function, meeting their work needs.


NOMU M6 is selling like hot cake on Amazon and you can grab yours here. For more information, visit the product page.