Will the AllCall MIX Series feature Under-Display fingerprint scanner?

by Dimitris Economou 0

In an interesting post on the AllCall forum today, a picture came up showing a MIX device featuring an under-display fingerprint sensor. The first company to implement such a solution is, of course, Vivo with the X20 Plus UD model after it was showcased at CES 2018 in January. Since the X20 Plus is officially announced in China, it is officially the first device of this kind, paving the way for other manufacturers to follow. As always, the first manufacturers to follow are top OEMs that will reveal their devices during this year. Last year, it was rumored that the iPhone X would feature such a technology but it wasn’t ready by then, so Apple passed.

AllCall MIX

The above news point to a possible AllCall MIX Series that will follow the MIX2 release soon. It seems that the company’s next steps will be an AllCall MIX high-end version with an under-display fingerprint sensor since the upcoming MIX2 sports a sensor placed on the back. Adopting the UD sensor is the best way to achieve the full-screen meanwhile retaining the front-placed fingerprint sensor. You can get more detailed information for AllCall on their official website.

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