Koolnee Rainbow is coming and promises to bring colors to smartphones (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Never ever have we paid so much attention to the colors of the phone like we do now. Since almost all smartphones look alike nowadays, color plays an important role in design. When Apple released the Red version for iPhone 7 in support of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, it did cause a trend of Red replicas in the market. But whether other smartphone brands that follow suit get the idea of red version or not, is a question. Many researches have proven how human psychology changes in association with colors. It’s true that different colors have a distinct effect on people. In times certain colors that applied can generate some good vibes for life, be it an inspiration, a healing mood to calm you down, or some bright jaunty colors to motivate your day.

Koolnee Rainbow

If you are a bit tired of the usual colors on existing smartphones and look for something new in the color display of your phone, then the coming new model from Koolnee could be a good take as they are leaking interesting information about their next model, which is said to be named Rainbow. The color combination has not been revealed, and according to the company, the Rainbow’s color display will also be something quite unique.

In the first teaser video, Koolnee brings some colorful motions that are visually satisfying and appealing that hints at the coming Rainbow, which even has a taste of psychedelic approach. What’s more interesting, as you can see in the photo, two names, Jack & Jean, appear while there is another anonymous member. It is still unknown of how they will arrange these names for Rainbow, but it’s interesting enough that they give colors actual names like humans. Looks like there are more to be expected from the Rainbow, so stay tuned and try to guess the colors by the names.