A first look at Koolnee Rainbow, the intuitive, colorful, and playful smartphone

by Dimitris Economou 0

We are living in times of incredible fast technological innovations. But the revolutionary change may not come as often as the technological development on minor parts. With new companies and new products coming in and going faster than we can even follow trends and implementation of new techniques, some consumers may shift their focus from the “technological needs” and seek for something that is also demanding but not many companies or manufacturers would focus on. The big gap that Apple created in the market, the one thing that made them so standout, is their relentless approach to design – one of the fundamental needs of human beings.

Koolnee Rainbow
“We, the engineers and designers from KOOLNEE, believe in ourselves if we say we are operating Beyond Expectation. It is not a “handy slogan” for “convenient reasons”, but what we are truly after that drive us to do things and offer something unique.”


Intuition – Color – Playfulness

The Koolnee Rainbow, a phone that comes not only in one size or shape but in a full palette of new design colors and sparkling ideas. This is not just a regular phone. The experiment, the artistic approach is the raison d’être (purpose) of the Koolnee Rainbow. Of course, the company does not forget the technical development, just as our any other products. They claim that the performance will overtake other similar products in the market, even though it’s not as catchy as the design.