Leagoo joins hands with Spreadtrum to lead a new age of 5G and AI

by Dimitris Economou 0

Recent years have seen the mobile phone industry’s drastic developments and constant rise of emerging new technologies. In the year of 2018, as the dual camera and full screen became the new standard, the revolutions of smartphone innovations are predominantly led by two technologies: 5G networks and AI chips. Big chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm and MediaTek all spare no efforts to scale the peaks in the trends. Spreadtrum, as a rapidly emerging chip manufacturer in recent years, also came into the front with their latest 5G and AI products. And rumors show that Spreadturm’s 5G chipset is expected for mass production within the year.


Speaking of Spreadtrum, it’s worth to mention its newly appointed CEO – Zeng Xuezhong, who was once a legend in ZTE corporation. During his tenure as executive vice president of ZTE, Zeng put much emphasis on innovations rather than price wars and renowned for his bold and unconventional style. Now as Zeng took office as the CEO of Spreadtrum, he will surely start new and bold strategies, bringing a wave of innovations to the mobile industry.

Leagoo Spreadtrum

To this end, Spreadtrum requires reliable allies. As a chip manufacturer, Spreadtrum needs to partner with smart device manufacturers with excellent brand influence, marketing ability, and sales volumes. Therefore, Spreadtrum chose Leagoo.

Leagoo Spreadtrum

Leagoo, as one of the leading Chinese export-oriented smartphone brands, is highly influential on the global market. As the world’s third smartphone company sponsoring a top Europe football team (Tottenham Hotspur), only after Oppo (FC Barcelona) and TECNO (Manchester City), the Leagoo brand is now widespread all across the globe after a series of interactive marketing activities with Tottenham Hotspur.

Leagoo Tottenham

With proactive global marketing strategies, LEAGOO products are sell quite well in Malaysia, Indonesia and successfully expanded to African and European markets. Currently, there are over 200 Leagoo image stores and more than 2,000 LEAGOO retail stores in the world. Although not as big in scale as brands like Xiaomi or Huawei, the company is utterly promising in its vision and perspectives. Leagoo itself is also a very capable company with more than 160,000m2 production area, over 1,000 employees and 50 assembly lines with annual manufacturing capacity exceeding 20 million smartphones.

In 2018 LEAGOO launched its new retail platform. “New retail is Leagoo’s strategy to redefine commerce by enabling seamless engagement between the online and offline world. It’s not about converting online users to offline customers or vice versa. It’s about building a retail ecosystem that blends online and offline channels in a unified way that integrate the consumer, the market and the industry chain”, said CEO Johnson Zhuang, the proposer and advocator of the “new retail eco-platform”. Johnson Zhuang is also a legend in China smartphone industry. He founded Leagoo from scratch and spent only three years to make it to the top 5 popular brands in Malaysia. In 2018, their shipment volume is expected to reach over 10 million units.

Leagoo T5C

Last year, Leagoo established a partnership with Spreadtrum by launching Leagoo T5c as the world’s first smartphone powered by Spreadtrum’s new SoC – SC9853I. Now with the incoming age of 5G and AI, both Spreadtrum and LEAGOO seem ready to take the lead by combining their respective advantages, bringing more outstanding and innovative products in the future generation of smart devices. Learn more about the company on their official website.