Nomu M6, the slimmest rugged smartphone features Face ID Unlock

by Dimitris Economou 0

Passwords and patterns used to be the most common way of protecting your private information on your smartphone. After that came the fingerprint unlock and now the industry has taken a step further to make security more tight and more intuitive for the user. Nomu has developed a Face ID unlock on rugged phones, which requires face identification to unlock. This latest development places Nomu on top by having professional rugged phones with a Face ID unlock feature.

Nomu M6

With the Nomu M6, the company introduced a sophisticated and sleek rugged phone. There is no need for a protective case. Drop it, expose it to dust, splash water on it. Rugged phones are a tough nut to crack. Commonly used by workers in challenging environments, Nomu has changed this dynamic by introducing the slimmest rugged phone in 2018, accessible for use by anyone.

Nomu M6

With a rugged phone, now you can take selfies as you swim without worrying about water splashes damaging your phone. Hikers can also enjoy carrying their rugged phones on any terrain, without worrying about damaging them. With the M6, Nomu adds another layer of user experience by not only releasing a beautiful rugged device but making it safer than ever with the Face ID unlock feature.

The Nomu M6 is selling hot right now on Amazon. You can grab yours here. For more detailed information, visit the product page here.