Koolnee Rainbow: All Colors in One! (video and giveaway)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Being a new player in the smartphone market, Koolnee is on its way to becoming one of the most prolific and interesting startups with an unexpected approach to the existing set of technologies. Koolnee Rainbow, the new model of the company, is not as regular as you think with a set of color options to choose from, but you’re getting all the colors when you get a Rainbow! Yes, you read that right, one device with multiple colors.

Koolnee Rainbow

It has been announced that it comes with multiple color covers, leaving a lot of the design open to personal choice and to imagination. Color and playfulness is the main focus of the Koolnee Rainbow. A new teaser video has been released by Koolnee revealing 3 of the color options, Black, Blue, and Gold, with very special texture to the cover design.

Win a Koolnee Rainbow!

As playful as it gets, Koolnee set up a little game to unlock the next teaser video and give you the chance to win a free phone. Those who are interested, just follow these two simple steps:

  1. Type “Koolnee Rainbow” in Google and click on one of the first links that appear on the results.
  2. Once one of them gets over 500 clicks, a new teaser video will be released on the Koolnee Official Channel on YouTube. Make a comment below the video and one of you will win a free Koolnee Rainbow!

Learn more about the company and the device on their official site and Facebook page.