Cheetah Mobile Robots steal the show at the AI-themed 321 conference!

by Dimitris Economou 0

Cheetah Mobile, one of the leading mobile internet company with strong global vision, today held its AI-themed 321 Conference: A Night of Robots in Beijing where it unveiled a series of AI-powered smart devices and robotics products that leverage Cheetah Mobile’s cutting-edge AI technology and product experience to help consumers and businesses increase efficiency and productivity. All of the products were jointly developed with OrionStar, a Cheetah Mobile-invested AI company based in Beijing. Let’s see the very interesting devices announced.


Cheetah GreetBot (receptionist robot)

Cheetah Greetbot

GreetBot is a full-sized AI-powered robot that is designed to greet guests and customers, help them check in, and guide them to their destination, among other tasks. It is suitable for multiple settings, including offices, retail shops, government agencies, and hospitals. The product consists of the robot itself (the hardware) and its backend operating system (Orion Robotics Platform). Cheetah’s goal was to produce a smarter, more practical and more efficient reception robot to make work simpler. By integrating modulized hardware and truly open AI computing abilities, Cheetah Mobile has created a truly customizable robot capable of adapting to its environment and addressing the needs of users.


Cheetah Café (robotic arm platform)

Cheetah Cafe Robot

Cheetah Café is a fully automatic barista that uses two cutting-edge robotic arms to make the perfect cup of coffee at the push of a button. Each cup of coffee is fast, consistent, high quality, and comes at the perfect temperature every time. In addition, it can be used for multiple other functions, like making cocktails, open beer bottles, even prepare an omelet. Cheetah Café consists of three components: the robotic arms (hardware), an app for operating it, and a vision algorithm to locate and grab objects such as cups. Cheetah Café will be available for rental or sale, perfect for offices, hospitals, and other public spaces. The product is powered by Orion Armtech, a complete robotic arm platform designed to perform repetitive manual tasks quickly and efficiently.


Cheetah Voicepod (smart speaker)

Cheetah Voicepod

Cheetah Voicepod is an AI-based smart speaker designed for initial release in the Chinese market that features advanced voice control technology, high-quality sound and a huge amount content of features. The speaker consists of two parts: the AI speaker itself (hardware) and its backend platform, Orion Voice OS.


Cheetah FriendBot (children companion robot)

Cheetah Friendbot

FriendBot is a small-sized mobile robot that is designed to interact with children for educational and entertainment purposes. It has the ability to speak, sing songs and tell stories, among other features. It can move around and accompany children as they play. It comes equipped with educational features, such as one-on-one courses and tutoring.


Cheetah VendBot (vending machine robot)

Cheetah VendBot

Cheetah VendBot is a smart mobile vending machine that can be programmed to move around a particular areas selling soft drinks, snacks and other items. It is fully automatic, with the ability to interact with customers, recommend items, and return to its charging station when it is running low on battery power. It combines a high sales volume with five-star service, an interesting concept that attracts customers.

Amazing product line from a company that keeps researching and developing to move the AI industry forward. To learn more about Cheetah, you can visit their official website.