Who is the typical user of the rugged Oukitel WP5000? Let’s find out

by Dimitris Economou 0

Since rugged smartphones evolved and became popular there was only one question left unanswered in tech media. Who uses them? Is it a tall and strong man? Or an aged person? Is tri-proof phones only loved by men or by women too? Is it more favored by a liberal who persists his own way? Or a well-behaved pragmatism? Let’s see how Oukitel defines the large battery tri-proof smartphone WP5000.

The company named the Oukitel WP5000 as a super thin and light large battery tri-proof smartphone with great cameras that aims at setting a new benchmark for tri-proof smartphones.

No matter if you are an outdoor enthusiast (who loves rafting, cycling, hiking, skiing, diving, or surfing) or someone who often works in a tough environment like woodcutters, miners, oilman or construction workers, the WP5000 is for you. Also, firemen, policemen, and delivery men will find it extra useful.

In addition, apart from having a tough job, the WP5000 is also suitable for parents with a naughty child that keeps dropping your phone, a careless person whose phone often slips out of his hand or a businessman who needs a tough smartphone that can support long time phone calls. The Oukitel WP5000 is perfectly designed for anyone!


Of course, it is suitable for many other people like white collar workers and water sports enthusiasts, and so on. Oukitel gives you a thinner and lighter than usual tri-proof smartphone with a large battery and great cameras. And since a smartphone is not only to meet the needs for daily work and life but also a companion, no matter who you are, choose the right mobile phone you want.

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