Forget about iPhone X, Nomu S30 Mini offers the best waterproofing level at only $99!

by Dimitris Economou 0

Can you believe that there is a phone with a waterproof function better than iPhone X for only $99? No one can deny the fact that iPhone X is the latest sensation in the industry but NOMU S30 Mini with IP68 certification offers users the best waterproofing protection in the market. It has the highest -IP68- waterproof standard and it is considered to be among the top waterproof devices right now.

Nomu S30 Mini

Could you have imagined being underwater for up to 2 hours using your phone without having to worry about underwater damage? This is possible with the S30 Mini as it inner structure is completely sealed. In addition, this model has some of the best waterproof components that enable you to go surfing, diving, and swimming with a peace of mind. Truth be told, this is a luxury you cannot enjoy with any other IP68 phone.

You can go up to 1.5 meters underwater with minimum risk of water damage to your phone. Moreover, the Nomu model sports a different IP68 certification as when it comes to the USB port, there is no plug to seal it and that minimizes the water flow damage risk that is caused by broken or loose plugs. In this case, the S30 Mini can remain underwater for a longer time thanks to its waterproofed USB port.

Nomu S30 Mini

Apart from being waterproof, it can survive other hard tests as well such as very cold temperatures, fire, and even drops as it’s designed based on the American military standard. The phone has a working temperature of between -20 °C and 55 °C making it both freeze-proof and heat-proof. Also, its enhanced inner sealed design helps keep out dirt, sand, and dust making it suitable for muddy environments.

During the Aliexpress 5th Anniversary Event, Nomu will hold an event showcasing its products, including Nomu S30 Mini at discounted prices. Grab your favorite rugged smartphone here for as low as $55!