A new Koolnee device with Mix 2S design leaked, Aliexpress deals continue

by Dimitris Economou 0

Being the company’s debut model, the Koolnee K1 has received a lot of attention with its silky curved screen design and gorgeous 6.01″ FHD+ display for the price it was tagged. The more powerful Tri-bezel-less K1 Trio released soon after, continued the legacy of the K1 design. Now, a new model has leaked online showing that Koolnee stays true to their design principles. As can be seen from the pictures, the design is absolutely gorgeous. While the shiny back kind of reminds of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Koolnee adds more new elements to it. The back is made with a special reflective shielding, producing the beautiful colors that can be seen in the leaks. Apart from that, the phone comes with a design package that ennobles the look of the product even more.

Koolnee K1 Trio Koolnee K1 Trio

Plenty of reviews for the K1 and K1 Trio have reported that the K1 Series has a very special, elegant feel. We do not expect the new model to be an exception from this rule. What’s more, the display in the leaked photo shows brilliant colors and probably a high resolution. As we speak, neither the technical details nor the release date are known, but we will definitely follow the device news closely to see what Koolnee has in development in the coming months.

Koolnee K1 Trio















Koolnee K1 Trio
















Koolnee Aliexpress Anniversary Deals

In the meantime, you can participate in the big discount offers from the company for the Aliexpress Anniversary. Offers will be available until March 31st and you can get up to $50 off discount. Check it out in all authorized stores listed below.

Koolnee Aliexpress deals
















Koolnee K1 availability

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Koolnee K1 Trio availability

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Koolnee Rainbow availability

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To learn more about Koolnee, visit their official website here.