The Spanish TV makes a documentary about Cubot’s factory!

by Dimitris Economou 0

In recent years, China’s electronic products have achieved rapid development. Many Chinese brands have already entered the European markets, especially Spain, where Android has a huge market share. Recently, the Spanish national television visited Shenzhen in order to film a documentary about China and its rapid development that modern technology brought. This time, it chose Cubot to be a good symbol to represent the industrial zone of Shenzhen and it’s prosperous electronics industry.

Cubot factory

In March of 2018, there were happy things continuously happened at Cubot as the flagship Cubot X18 Plus achieved good market feedback. Also, the company began an aggressive collaboration with local offline retail stores in Europe and Southeast Asia while more after-sales centers were built throughout these countries and regions. Cubot has done a lot to offer the best products and thoughtful services for customers.

Cubot factory

It’s an honor to have the Spanish national TV station shoot the production process at the Cubot factory as it will show all the Spanish customers the real aspects of a typical Chinese phone factory. The documentary will be released in April, so stay tuned.