Ulefone Wireless Charging Pad UF002 gets officially launched

by Dimitris Economou 0

If you are fed up with all those charging cords, one for each device you own, be optimistic, as the wireless future might not be that far off. Currently, phone makers including Samsung and Xiaomi, have released wireless charging pads which adds fuel to the wire-free trend. UIefone is among the first batch of manufacturers to get on the cable-free train with their UFO wireless charging pad named UF002.

Ulefone Charging Pad

The Qi-certified, flying saucer-shaped UF002 makes it easy and convenient to charge up a phone. Just place your phone on the pad and it’ll start charging. You don’t even have to remove the protective cover during charging as long as it is within the 8mm range. Besides, the UF002 is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices including iPhones and all the Android devices with wireless charging, which offers 10W of charging power in fast charging mode for phones with fast wireless charging support, while outputting 5W in standard charging mode for any Qi-enabled devices. To eliminate safety concerns, the UF002 features multiple built-in protection systems including over-voltage protection, impurity detection, over-charge protection, over-temperature protection, etc, so that you can juice up your phone safely.

Ulefone Charging Pad

Aside from that, the UF002 is made out of premium leather instead of cheap plastic like most models, and it has a nice non-slip silicone ring around the bottom to keep your phone in place when charging. Also, there is a solid metal frame made of solid aluminum alloy to provide superb protection against drops, scratches or bumps. Meanwhile, with a thickness of merely 6.5mm and net weight of 85g, it’s incredibly comfortable to hold in the hand and fits easily in your pocket or in a bag.

According to Ulefone, they will release more wireless charging pads and wireless charging supported-devices in the near future. To learn more details about the wireless charging pad, just visit the product page. According to Ulefone, the UF002 is supposed to be available for purchase very soon. You can subscribe to their website to get first-hand information.