Blackview G1 will be released on April 18th with 5X optical zoom camera!

by Dimitris Economou 0

In earlier news, we reported that Blackview is working on a rugged device that will be released in May and will feature 5x optical zoom. Well, it seems that the company wanted to surprise us, as they now announced that the device called Blackview G1 will be released on April 18th during the Mobile Electronics Global Sources show in Hong Kong!

Blackview G1

In addition, the company released further information on how the camera system works. It uses a periscope structured camera and compared to traditional camera setups, the CMOS sensor is placed vertically. The light is reflected by optical prisms, rotated 90° vertically, and goes through the telephoto lens that achieves the 5x lossless zoom result. Assuming that the minimum focal length is 24mm, then we are going to get a phone that has 24mm/ 50mm/ 75mm/ 100mm/ 120mm equivalent focal length at
the same time. Compared to competitors that can only offer 50mm focal length telephoto lens, the 120mm focal length provides more than 2 times extra magnification, allowing you to take longer distant shots.

Blackview G1

If you want to see the Blackview G1 live, then you should pay a visit to the company’s booth in the Mobile Electronics Global Sources show that starts on Wednesday!