Koolnee announces a new budget flagship (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Flagship phones coming from big brands are expensive and they may even not be as good as expected. However, the fun fact is, cheap phones are really getting good and sometimes can even compete with the big sharks. The newly established Koolnee is already known for their notoriously great design and innovative visual features, such as the special reflective multicolor coating, patented by the in-house engineers. See how gorgeous looking and powerful the K1 & K1 Trio are in the video below!

Koolnee was recently noticed for aiming for an all-in-one package: a sleek device with a premium design that gathers the main newest-of-the-new features in one phone, at a very affordable price that punches above expectations. Some teasers have already been leaked in the last couple days, without telling much about the phone itself. They gave us some specs and the first visual impressions. That alone looked promising. Koolnee didn’t even announce the name until now: The new device will be named Koolnee K3.

Koolnee K3

Also, the company announced that Koolnee K3 will come with three features that are probably the most trending in the market right now: an 18:9 Full HD+ display, Face ID unlock, Wireless Charging. All of these features are usually present in high-end (and high-priced!) devices but Koolnee stated that they’ll keep the price in an affordable range despite these perks. To stay up to date with the latest news and participate in the upcoming K1 sales campaign, you can visit their official website.