Been overpaying for big brand flagships? Get this wallet saver with same quality (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

What is the hottest trend in the smartphone industry right now? The notch display of course! Ok, just kidding. According to certain market research, the following 3 things are probably what people do care most for the time being: 18:9 screen ratio, Face Unlock, and the sweet Android Oreo 8.1. You may find all these 3 features on some big brand flagships, and a notch screen comes as a sweet bonus. But as we all know, they are also very pricey and may not come as what you expected. Good news is, some cheap phones and smaller brands are closing up in performance, design, and specs. And compared to their pricey counterparts from smartphone titans, sometimes they even catch up with them sometimes. If you are aiming for flagship design and performance but you are on a tight budget, here are some ideal choices.

Koolnee K3

New, yet years-long established, Koolnee is about to release their new model, the Koolnee K3. And today they released the first official video about it. The hottest trends on the market are all integrated into the K3. As shown in the teaser video, it’ll come with an 18:9 display and wireless charging as well as the newest generation of Face Unlock technology which features tailor-made face recognition algorithms designed to account for an increased need in safety and privacy.

The K3 follows another philosophy than the K1 did. With the K1 and the K1 Trio, Koolnee wants to create the first budget design-flagship with the intention to give customers with a smaller wallet the chance to have a premium-design smartphone with solid specs. The K3 turns out to be focused more on incorporating the newest technological trends in one model. Of course without neglecting their high-end design philosophy, which the K3 will inherit from their first model, the Koolnee K1.

Koolnee K3