Blackview introduces the 5V/5A low voltage Fast Charge Technology (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Everyday life becomes more and more fast-paced and losing time for things like charging a device means lost money. So, fast charging is the most popular feature in a smartphone right now with many companies releasing their version. So does Blackview with its new flagship P10000 Pro that is equipped with a colossal 11000mAh battery and uses the industry-leading 5V/5A low voltage and high current fast charge solution that not only guarantees safety but also solves the heating problem both in the charger and battery.


While the iPhone X still needs more than 3 hours to complete a full charge with its 2716mAh battery, the Blackview P10000 Pro can be fully recharged within about 2.5 hours. That’s about 10 times faster than the iPhone. To demonstrate the fast charging on P10000 Pro, Blackview made a video. in this video, Blackview P10000 Pro received a 4% power boost equivalent to 440mAh battery gain in 5 minutes, and this 4% power delivers a 30 minutes online video playing on 50% brightness.

Compared to traditional 9V/12V high-voltage fast charging technology, the 5V/5A low-voltage high-current fast-charging solution brings advantages like faster charging, less heat, more safety. In order to achieve these advantages and provide consumers with a better experience, the company developed a custom-made adapter, battery, cable, circuit, and interface. What’s more, it integrated a five protection technology for adapter overload, battery overload, flash condition appraisal, battery fuse, and interface overload.


For a brand, constantly improving its products by listening to users’ feedback and improving with actual actions, is the best thing it can do. The innovation of Blackview P10000 Pro in charging technology proves the brand strength once again. You can grab one right now on Aliexpress.