Cubot KingKong made a sales record on Amazon ES in March

by Dimitris Economou 0

Cubot KingKong has been very popular since it’s release because customers felt it had a very cool design together with respectable specs and killer price. In fact, the popularity was even out of expectation for Cubot itself.

Cubot Kingkong

Despite the fact that it is a rugged phone, actually it became very popular among youngsters that found it is cool. Also, since the KingKong was listed on on March 2018, sales went through the roof with several thousands of units sold and created a new record in the first half of this year. the best sales record was the new batch sold out in three days in April. On May 3rd, it is 29th on the top selling list of smartphones. Definitely a great record for Cubot in a country (Spain) that is among the top in terms of Android share in the market.

Cubot Kingkong

To get more details about the Cubot KingKong, visit the corresponding page here.

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