LEAGOO S9 Global Presale: $129.99 snap deal with free order giveaway! (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

As we all know, there are 3 major design languages in the smartphone industry when it comes to full-screen devices: The notch display that is used on iPhone X, the tri-bezel-less design used on the Xiaomi Mix, and the 18:9 edge-to-edge display like Samsung Galaxy S8/S9. Leagoo recently announced its own full-screen device, the Leagoo S9, that sports a 5.85″ HD+ display with an aspect ratio of 19:9 and an up to 90% screen-to-body ratio. This way, the overall size is compact and although it sports a 5.85″ display, it feels like a 5.5″ in hand.

Notch display has an obvious advantage over tri-bezel-less designs as the front camera remains on the top side so that users don’t have to flip their smartphones upside down to get better selfie effects. Also, compared to Samsung’s approach, a notch display phone features bigger screen-to-body ratio.


Leagoo S9 main advantages

Leagoo S9 provides immersive visual experience identical to the iPhone X. With balanced hardware and a very power-efficient performance, it offers good user experience for only 1/7 of the budget of iPhone X. In addition, the S9 features a dual Sony 13MP/2MP rear camera and with the 65MP ultra-HD shot algorithm, a photo shot on the S9 can be enlarged 23 times without losing its original HD quality.

As we mentioned above, most of tri-bezel-less phones have their front camera placed on the bottom bezel to keep a narrow upper bezel and their users have to flip their phones upside down for a good selfie. Therefore, the selfie experience of tri-bezel-less phones receive many negative feedbacks. On the contrary, the S9 keeps both high screen-to-body ratio and excellent selfie effect thanks to the notch.

Leagoo S9

In addition, besides the fact that the face recognition brings fresh experience and more convenience, the fingerprint sensor makes the S9 even more secure when unlocking, authenticating, and paying. Both face and touch unlock are quite decent.

Leagoo S9

As for the build quality, the polycarbonate body features a well-rounded metallic finish. Along with a shiny metal-like paint, the meticulously crafted 3D curved body seamlessly flows into the metal middle frame, making the device a delight to both hold and feel. And the dazzling rear cover is not only attractive to look at but also smooth, which largely improves its grip comfort.

Leagoo S9

Leagoo S9 is equipped with 5.85″ HD+ display and comes with a 13MP/2MP rear dual camera and 8MP front camera. Powered by an MTK 8-core 1.5Ghz SoC, it sports 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage as well as a 3300mAh battery. And its retail price is only $149.99! The Global Presale is already ongoing and you can get it for $20 off its retail price exclusively on Banggood. Also, you have the chance to get it for free on the giveaway!