eMeet M2 coming soon to become the world’s 1st AI Conference Speaker

by Dimitris Economou 0

Tech startups are popping up like mushrooms trying to offer innovative and original products and services. Some of them try to do both and eMeet is one of those startups. The company’s first product launch was the eMeet M1 Bluetooth conference speaker that was welcomed with applause from various tech media. The M1 is a superior quality speaker and microphone and does its job exceptionally well. When being in a conference where some attend remotely via phone or Skype, a speaker with good sound and mic quality is a must.

eMeet M1

So, you don’t have to spend much for a fancy conference-speaker as the Echo Dot-like eMeet M1 is affordable and comes with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Also, it has a microphone range of up to 26 feet and the 5200mAh battery is good for 12 hours of calls, 20 hours of music and 1 month of standby time. And as said above, it is pretty affordable, just $179.99 on Amazon.

eMeet M1

To build on the success of the M1, the company will soon release the world’s 1st AI conference speaker, eMeet M2. So, what the M2 brings to the table (literally) is AI voice localization along with longer sound pickup distance. Useful when the conference table is longer than usual. In addition, M2 units can connect with each other to offer practically infinite expandability. Also, there will be a quad microphone array equipped with AI algorithm.

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