Ulefone Power 5 shows an impressive 1-week performance in this battery test (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Smartphones have become a necessity in almost everyone’s life, however they have a big disadvantage: battery life. Video playing, music playing, game playing, video calling, and many apps consume your phone power soundlessly which might force you in a situation where you end up without a phone when it shuts down. This doesn’t seem to be a big of a problem if you got a Ulefone Power 5. Upgraded from the Power 3, it delivers up to 1100 hours (one week) of standby and will make you worry no more about power longevity. How does it perform in real-life scenarios? The company put it through a battery test, let’s check it out.

As seen in the video. the test was composed of 6 energy-hungry projects lasting 4.5 hours. After one hour of online music, it consumed just 2% of the battery. After another hour of online 1080p video playback, it dropped just another 3% while after half-an-hour video recording, just 2% of the battery was consumed. The test continued with half-an-hour Wechat voice call and  half-an-hour of Wechat video call. Both ate just 5% of the remaining battery. Lastly, playing PUBG for 1 hour, consumed just 5% of battery.

There is no doubt this phone with its 13,000mAh battery will satisfy you under any circumstances with its astonishing endurance. It allows for 7 days of stand-by on a single charge and it can be fastly recharged with the 5V/5A super fast charger. What’s more, you can charge it wirelessly and it can act as a power bank to fill your other devices when needed.

Ulefone Power 5

Moreover, besides being a battery beast, it’s pretty powerful too. It comes with the latest Android version (8.1 Oreo), MT6763 Octa-core SoC, quad cameras, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, Face Unlock along with a fingerprint sensor, and a 6″ 18:9 display from AUO.

You can learn more about the Power 5 on the company’s official website or get one for just $269.99 from Banggood.

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