Ulefone demonstrates the charging speed on the Ulefone Power 5 (video)

by Dimitris Economou 0

Finding big batteries for our smartphones was never a problem back when they were replaceable. Remember companies like Anker that offered battery kits that doubled or tripled the battery capacity of your device? Well, that’s long gone now since most smartphones have a unibody design and replacing the battery is out of the question for most users. Fast forward to today and we find that many manufacturers are starting to offer big battery capacities like the 13000mAh one found in Ulefone’s Power 5. But what about charging times? Would it do any good if we have a big battery that takes ages to recharge?

Ulefone Power 5

The answer and solution come from chipset manufacturers like Qualcomm and MediaTek as well as smartphone manufacturers like Oppo that have developed fast charging techniques. One such technology is found in the Ulefone Power 5 that comes with a 13000mAh battery and 5V/5A fast charger. And how fast exactly is it? The company has uploaded a video demonstrating the charging speed.

These tests usually have a benchmark time of 30 minutes which is quick enough so that it doesn’t slow down the user from everyday tasks. Although we cannot see it in the video, the battery fills to about 20% in 30 minutes. If that seems as too little, think again as we are talking about a 13K mAh battery so about 2600mAh of juice will be available afterwards. Also, take into consideration that as the more the battery fills up the slower becomes the charging rate to avoid overheating and preserve battery health. Also, according to Ulefone, the 5V/5A fast charge that relies on larger current is much safer compared to conventional fast charging technologies relying upon larger voltage.


Ulefone Power 5

Besides the humongous battery, the Power 5 has some decent specs too with the 6″ FHD+ 18:9 display and 6GB RAM being the star specs together with the dual front and back cameras (the back features OIS) completing the package. The full list of specs is available on their official website and you can get one for merely $270 here. If the price seems a little salty, you are right, but take under consideration of the unprecedented battery capacity and the future-proof specs.