Get the Elephone P8 6GB/64GB for under $200 until May 21st

by Dimitris Economou 0

Elephone P8 was released by the company last year and it immediately became a hit on tech media as it sported 6GB of RAM that, back then, was rare among smartphones. Although almost a year has passed since then, it still can be considered as a mid-range flagship with decent specs and good price. Well, it seems that Elephone has decided to empty some room for new devices in its warehouses and is making an awesome offer! From today until May 21st, the Elephone P8 will be available for just $169.99!

Voted among the Top 10 budget phones on some tech sites, the P8 offers decent performance even if the Helio P25 is a bit old news now. Still, it can be considered a powerful mid-range SoC and together with the 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM it offers fluid and smooth performance. In addition, the P8 hosts a big 21MP sensor on the back which may not be the best camera in the world but gets the job done satisfactorily. The same goes for the 16MP front camera. The 5.5″ FHD JDI display offers a wide NTSC color gamut of up to 95% and the battery capacity is above average at 3600mAh.


Elephone P8

The flash sale will be available on TomTop and Aliexpress for 1 week and will make the Elephone P8 the cheapest 6GB device right now. After that, the price will return to its original state. Learn more about the P8 on the official product page.

Elephone P8